(EN) Mexico in your heart and on your taste buds

Being new to another country always involves a variety of places, people and things to miss. As a Mexican no matter how long we've been away, whether it's half a year or a decade, chances are that food is at the top of the list of things we miss. Because that's the way we are, we need everything, from the chili sweets that no one but us understands, to the taco of our favorite food stand in our city. And the truth is that if there is one thing we are proud of as Mexicans, it is our food. 

Mexico is such a vast country that the diversity of dishes by region is very wide, offering completely different colors, flavors and aromas. This is the reason why, when we are abroad it may be difficult to find a place that gives us the flavor that we miss so much, the one that makes us feel at home and with one bite transports us to our mother's kitchen. In fact, this becomes tricky, because it ends up in a rally trying to find the restaurant that more closely resembles our authentic food.  

Something that characterizes Mexicans is that we like to share what we’ve got, because that is something we are taught from an early age at home. If as a child you take your friend home or later on, you bring your partner, it is almost certain that by the time they leave they will not be able to eat anything else until the following day because of all that they were offered -almost forced- to eat, with the classic "Have another one, you are too skinny!". Which is why when we finally find a place that fulfills our expectations of Mexican food, we don't hesitate to take our friends to try our heritage, our spiciness, our flavor.   

Someone once said "everyone is nostalgic for Mexican food, some of them just don't know it yet" and there is some truth in that because Mexican food has the effect of captivating even those who know nothing about it before tasting it. Our food fascinates, as it's not only tasty, it is also interesting, with vibrant colors, mixtures of flavors that strangely work together and ingredients that can produce unexpected surprises. The beauty of this is that Mexican food doesn't belong only to those who were born in Mexico, it belongs to all those who enjoy it and make it part of their lives and their tastes. 

Cometa's food strives to be that comfort we need when we want that Mexican warmth, by transmitting it through our flavors and provoking the feeling of mi casa es tu casa to everyone who tries it, regardless of their nationality.  

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