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(EN) People of Corn

One of the most famous ingredients in Mexican food is the tortilla. Everyone has seen it in different dishes and eaten it in different ways, some that don't even exist in authentic Mexican cuisine like in the famous "hard shell tacos", however, we'll leave that topic for later. But in spite of this, few know about the different types of tacos, whether they are made of flour or corn.  On this occasion we are going to focus on the corn tortilla and its origin, since it is the most used in traditional dishes compared to the wheat flour tortilla. What is the reason? It's very simple, corn is one of the pillars of Mexican gastronomy since it is part of...

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(ESP) Hijos del... Maiz

  Uno de los ingredientes más famosos de la comida mexicana es la tortilla. Todos la han visto en diferentes platillos y comido de diferentes formas, unas que ni siquiera existen en la auténtica cocina mexicana como en los famosos “hard shell tacos”, aunque ese tema lo dejaremos para después. Pero a pesar de esto, pocos saben acerca de los tipos que hay ya sea de harina o de maíz.  En esta ocasión nos vamos a enfocar en la tortilla de maíz y su origen, ya que podría decirse que es más usada en los platillos tradicionales que la de harina de trigo. ¿Cuál es la razón? Es muy sencilla, el maíz es uno de los alimentos básicos de la...

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(EN) Tacos al pastor and their origin

Tacos are the best known Mexican dish in the world, and surely the first thing people think of when Mexican food comes to mind. However, there is a type of taco that its method of preparation is different from all the others and may even look similar to other types of dishes such as kebabs, gyros and shawarmas. Do you know which one it is? I'm talking about the delicious taco al pastor. This type of taco although is found all over the country is more emblematic of Mexico City, yet today we will discover that it is neither so chilango (originally from Mexico City) nor completely Mexican.  This kind of taco originated in the 1920's when Lebanese and Syrian...

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(ESP) Los tacos al pastor y su origen

  Los tacos son el platillo mexicano más conocido en el mundo, y seguramente lo primero que la gente piensa cuando se viene a la mente la comida mexicana. Sin embargo, hay un tipo de taco que su forma de preparación es diferente a la de todos los demás, este taco puede ser parecido incluso a otro tipo de comida como los Kebabs, gyros y shawarmas. ¿Sabes cual es? Estamos hablando del delicioso taco al pastor, este tipo de taco que aunque se encuentra en todo el país es más emblemático de la Ciudad de México y sin embargo hoy descubriremos que ni es tan chilango (originario de Ciudad de México) ni tampoco completamente mexicano.  Este tipo de tacos se originó...

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(EN) The soul of tacos

Salsas in Mexican food and especially in tacos are considered the essence of the dish, because if you have a really tasty salsa it can enhance and complement the flavors of the food and give you the perfect dish. Someone even described it with this great quote: "...the sauce is so effective that it elevates the quality of the good, corrects the insignificance of the mediocre and hides the ordinariness of the bad...". Even though sauces are the backbone of Mexican cuisine, in them we can find spices from all over the world such as garlic, cilantro, onion, pepper, etc. However, there are two ingredients that cannot be missing in the preparation of a salsa, which are very Mexican. Of...

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